Food Friday – Winner

Food Friday Collage
Hello again!!

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Novel Monday – O’Brien and Koontz

Hello Again!!

The novel of the week was Disturbed by Kevin O’Brien.

Disturbed- Kevin O'Brien

Disturbed by Kevin O’Brien

This was my first novel by O’Brien and I have to admit I’m not racing to buy all his other books. The book centers on a cul-de-sac where Molly, a new wife and step-mom is trying to fit in, both with her new children and the neighbors. And when a cul-de-sac killer starts striking in the area, paranoia sets in for her. Continue reading

Special Edition – Spicy Bacon Fried Rice

Hello again!

So, on this special edition of Messy Counters and Floured Paperbacks I want to present a recipe I created myself. I am definitely not a by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of cook, more of a by-the-letter recipe girl, so this was something unexpected for me. Thankfully it turned out great! Spicy Bacon Fried Rice, you are a keeper!


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