Novel Monday – J. K. Confusion and O’Brien Disturbed

Welcome again to Novel Mondays!

The novel of the week was The Casual Vacancy by J. K. Rowling.


The Casual Vacancy - J. K. Rowling

The Casual Vacancy – J. K. Rowling


I was excited to read this book. I started reading it promptly Monday evening, and here we are, a full week later, and I’ve made it an impressive 15% of the way through the book.


Yes, I haven’t even made it a quarter of the way through the book. I tried. I really did try, but I found myself wanting to do anything but read this novel, and that includes sleep, which I normally have problems with.

I don’t feel like it’s a terribly boring book, but somehow I have been struggling. Rowling does utilize a number of lengthy descriptions for mundane things, which make it a bit difficult to keep pushing through. There is a wonderful tone to the novel, and it feels authentic. She’s crafted a town that feels real and characters with real small town attitudes. There are a number of interesting characters, but perhaps the number is higher than my brain is concerned with keeping track of.

All in all, this book is making me feel like a stupid, lazy reader. I’m going to continue with it this week, but I am also going to move forward with Novel Mondays. An update will be added here when I finish the book.

 UPDATE (8/09/2014): Finally finished this book. It wrapped up neatly. It really was like reading the day to day life of a small town. Not much to add to my earlier impressions.

 So, in moving forward, I’d like to announce this weeks book.


This week’s book will be…


Disturbed- Kevin O'Brien

Disturbed – Kevin O’Brien

Disturbed by Kevin O’Brien.

This is my first book from Kevin O’Brien. From the summary, it’s about a woman who becomes convinced her family is being watched, perhaps targeted by a killer. I really enjoy thriller novels, so I’m hoping this will be in my wheelhouse.

I hope you all have a wonderful week. I’ll be back Friday with a food post, and next Monday with a disturbing review. (Ugh, did I really just try that pun? Yes, yes I did.)


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