Food Friday – Lets Go

Hello again!

After I finished off a lazy weekend with the hubs, I wanted to get back in the kitchen!

Monday I wanted some comfort food, so I made this Cheesy Chicken, Bacon, Broccoli, and Rice. I got the recipe from Kevin & Amanda here.

Cheesy Chicken Bacon and Rice

If you don’t like broccoli, try this anyway! I have hated broccoli all my life, and only tolerated it in mac and cheese if it was so small I could barely detect it. This recipe changed that. I actually kept the broccoli florets nicely sized and enjoyed them. I thought to myself, this could have more broccoli and I’d still be happy. That’s right, I wanted MORE broccoli!

Tuesday we were still craving bacon, so I made these Bacon and Blue Cheese Burgers with Creamy Buffalo Sauce. Recipe from Favorite Family Recipes here.



These were amazing! Surprisingly, the grilled onions are what really made this burger, so please, please don’t neglect them. I cut four 1/2″ slices out of an onion and skewered them intact(no separating them like you’re making onion rings), oiled and seasoned them with salt and pepper, and just grilled them off with the burgers.

Wednesday, due to a weird meal planning session where I assume I was asleep, I made Mexican Barbeque Chicken and Mac ‘n Cheese with Broccoli planned. Seemed like a very weird combination, so I must not have been paying attention. I found the chicken recipe on Sweet Peas and Pumpkins here, and the mac ‘n cheese with broccoli  on The Garden Grazer here.


Mexican Barbeque Chicken and Mac N Cheese w Broccoli

Top left: mac and cheese ingredients. Top middle: chicken marinade ingredients. Top Right: The chicken grilling Bottom: Finished meal!

The chicken was delicious. Very flavorful and moist with a nice tang from the vinegar in the marinade. The mac and cheese was good. I liked this preparation of the broccoli less than Monday’s but I still ate all of my pieces. The cheese sauce was smooth and wonderful.

I definitely wouldn’t put these two recipes together again. They are too different. But individually? I’d make them both again, and the Mexican Barbeque Chicken is going on my regular grill rotation!

Thursday, we got a bit adventurous. I had had a bottle of black bean garlic sauce in my pantry for a few months, and I hadn’t gotten the courage to try it on anything. It just sounded so weird. Anyway, I got the courage finally with this recipe for Green Beans & Chicken with Black Bean Garlic Sauce from Wok with Ray. Recipe here.

So delicious!

So delicious!

This recipe is definitely a keeper!! I subbed crushed red pepper for the dried chilies because I couldn’t find any in my grocery store, but I did everything else by the letter. Hubs called the sauce “Asian Gravy”, and I can’t argue! It’s so flavorful, and I think it could go on anything. I could just eat it on rice forever.


That’s all for this weeks Food Friday! See you Monday for Novel Monday!

5 thoughts on “Food Friday – Lets Go

  1. Kathy, this food looks so amazing. I believe you’re going to end up teaching me how to cook!!!! I love your blog!! Keep up the good work!!


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