Novel Monday – Little and Weston

Hello Again!

Last weeks book was The Return by Bentley Little.

The Return by Bentley Little

The Return by Bentley Little

Glen is a man at odd ends. With his mother’s death, he is alone in the world and decides to quit his job and go where the day takes him. He ends up working at an excavation of Indian ruins, and finds himself centered in a frightening series of events. Odd things begin to be found at the site, and odder, sinister things begin to happen all around the Southwest United States.

This book was slow for me to get into. I almost chose not to read it. The book did not seem to be going in any cohesive direction, or with any specific character, and I had no real love for any of the characters.

One thing I will say about this book is that it was subconsciously unsettling. I read it over the course of three nights, and while not overtly scared at any point, I did feel a sense of unease when I settled down to sleep.

The ending was a disappointment to me. It seemed extremely rushed and almost careless. Over 300 pages of build-up, and then it was just over. I had to re-read a few pages because I just didn’t believe that was how it ended.

Overall, a decent read. 3 out of 5.

So, on to this week!

This weeks book is…

Dirty Work: A Novel by Gabriel Weston

Dirty Work: A Novel by Gabriel Weston

Dirty Work A Novel by Gabriel Weston.

This is a novel about an OB-GYN facing a medical tribunal after a botched surgery put a patient in a coma. Fair Warning: It does address abortion procedures.

That’s it for this Novel Monday. See you Friday!


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