Food Friday – 09/26/2014

Hello again!

Food Friday 09262014

Please forgive my photos in advance this week. I had a horrible time with a camera that died on me, and then three solid days of dark, dingy weather. At least the food was good to lift my spirits, right?

Monday we had this Skinny BBQ Chicken Flatbread from Skinny Mom. It is a quick, simple recipe only requiring flatbreads, cooked and diced chicken, black beans, corn, and onion, cheese, and BBQ sauce.

Skinny BBQ Chicken Flatbread

Skinny BBQ Chicken Flatbread

I really liked this dish. It was filling but not heavy. In fact, the hubs and I ate it for lunch two other days this week since we ended up with leftovers.

Tuesday I made this Million Dollar Spaghetti from Made From Pinterest. This recipe has spaghetti noodles, ground beef, pasta sauce, cream cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese, butter, and grated cheddar cheese.

Million Dollar Spaghettii

Million Dollar Spaghetti

The cheesy layer of this pasta was very thick and rich. Too much so for my tastes. It seemed kind of like glue in my mouth. I think if I had used all cottage cheese instead of cream cheese and cottage cheese I would have liked it better. Otherwise, it was a very good baked pasta dish.

Wednesday, I concocted a Spicy Pork Stir Fry inspired by Simply Asia’s Spicy Szechuan Five Spice Seasoning blend. I marinated the pork in stir fry oil and the seasoning and stir-fred it with a bag of rainbow salad and a bag of snow peas. I made a sauce for it with a few tablespoon of soy sauce, black bean garlic sauce, half a cup of chicken broth, and a tablespoon of cornstarch.

Spicy Pork Stir Fry

Spicy Pork Stir Fry

I would add a bit more spice to the pork next time. The seasoning blend was flavorful, but had very little heat.

Thursday, I made these Baked Chicken Chimichangas with Green Sauce from Six Sisters’ Stuff. Cooked diced chicken is mixed with taco seasoning, Monterrey  jack and cream cheeses, then folded into tortillas, baked crispy, and topped with a warm green sauce made from cream of chicken soup, diced green chilies, a jalapeno, and lime juice.

Baked Chicken Chimichangas with Green Sauce

Baked Chicken Chimichangas with Green Sauce

These were very delicious and filling. The chicken filling had good taco flavor and was creamy but not overwhelming, and the green sauce has a smooth consistency with just a hint of heat. I served mine with Oven Roasted Fajita Vegetables and salsa.

That’s all for this Food Friday! See you Monday.


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