Novel Monday – Bell and Smith

Hello Again!

First things first, I found out last week was Banned Book week! Happy Banned Book week everyone! I read One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey in celebration. As a classic, I feel it doesn’t need a review. It’s a great novel for its imagery alone.


Last weeks novel was Cemetery Girl by David Bell.

Cemetery Girl by David Bell

Cemetery Girl by David Bell

Cemetery Girl. A 12-year-old Caitlin disappears walking the dog. Four years later, her father Tom is still carrying a torch, unwilling to let go, while her mother Abby is ready to move on. Their marriage is dissolving. Then Caitlin is found alive…

The story is well written, moving along at a steady pace. The concept is interesting. Was Caitlin kidnapped? Brainwashed? Or did she leave of her own free will? How will her return affect her parents? Can they be a happy family again, or is their bond irreparably damaged?

I did find the pervasive air of suspicion to be a bit taxing. Every character seemed to have big secrets, even minor characters that had little to do with the disappearance, and the secrets were never revealed. Also, the characters seemed to react in strange ways. Perhaps that was because of the situation, and is just is something I couldn’t understand, but it felt confusing and extremely strange. Lastly, the ending did feel unresolved to me. I reached the end and just said, seriously?

I would give this book 3 out of 5.

So, on to this weeks novel!

This weeks novel will be…

The Ruins by Scott Smith

The Ruins by Scott Smith

The Ruins by Scott Smith!

Four American college-aged tourists go to Cancun and, convinced to visit some secret Mayan ruins, encounter a horror they can’t begin to comprehend.

Definitely sounds like my kind of book.

That’s it for this novel Monday. See you Friday!

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