Novel Monday – VanderMeer

Hello again!

Last weeks book was Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer.

Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer

Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer

An expedition group is sent into Area X, which has been cut off from by a mysterious border for many years. They are expected to record what they find, what they see, and nothing else. But Area X is not as they were told.
The story is told from the perspective of the biologist. Names are not given in the book at any point. A very interesting decision. The narrator is not very reliable, as she reveals a number of times things she’d omitted before. This adds to the tension and confusion of the novel. How much of her record is truth?

The narration sounds objective for much of the time, as a scientist’s notes should, but the actions she records show a very different truth.

There is a great tension in this novel, as well as a great amount of confusion. What of their instructions were for their benefit? What of the information they were given was true? What was false?

This opening novel is short at 195 pages, but it does not feel incomplete. It feels like it is just as long as it needs to be.

Annihilation ends completely, so if you chose you could stop reading the series here. I, for one, couldn’t see myself doing that. I am far too curious what the second book will bring, answers or just more questions?

4 out of 5.

On to this week!

As last weeks book was Book 1 of the Southern Reach Trilogy, next weeks book will be…

Authortiy by Jeff VanderMeer

Authority by Jeff VanderMeer

Authority by Jeff VanderMeer.

Book 2 in the trilogy, and my first series review on this blog. Hopefully, this book will bring some of the answers I’m seeking so desperately after Book 1.

That’s it for this novel Monday. See you Friday!


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