Craft Wednesday Special – Halloween!

Hi everyone!

Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year. I love the apples, the pumpkins, the desserts, the excuse to pull out my cinnamon themed candles… you get the idea.

Anyway, seeing as I love pumpkins, and specifically carving them, I thought today would be a good day, so close to Halloween, to discuss pumpkin carving and Fun-kins.

First, I’ll show you a Fun-kin and a pumpkin side by side.

Fun-kin Pumpkin

Can you tell which is which? Well, it’s probably not hard, but the Fun-kin does look pretty good.

A couple things I noticed carving them side by side:

  1. Fun-kins are faster.
  2. This is partially due to needing to do simpler patterns.
  3. Fun-kins can be just as messy. Foam EVERYWHERE. Tiny little flecks of it sticking to everything.
  4. A Dremel would have made a HUGE difference. My Fun-kins are still pretty ragged inside the cuts.
  5. Fun-kins have an unpleasant smell when you first start cutting into them.
  6. If you see a spot on your Fun-kin that looks like this:DSC01029Carve at your own risk, this section is extremely hard to get through. I’d use the other side.
  7. Lastly, Fun-kins are more delicate than pumpkins for smaller details. They are much more likely to just break off.

When I carve pumpkins, I always buy a tool set, some pins to secure my patterns with, and a few Sharpies to outline my pattern if it’s a difficult one. Sometimes the dots are not enough, or, more accurately, they are too much. I always try to find a set that says stronger tools, and that has a fine edge blade with a pointed tip. It makes beginning lines so much easier.


Another thing I learned from this year: Fancier is not necessarily better. I bought a $10 tool set, and the only useful blade in it snapped at the base just before I finished my first pumpkin. I wanted to scream.

I did use the same carving tools on the Fun-kins as the regular pumpkins and they worked fine.

Pumpkin versus Fun-kin conclusion: If you want to make a pumpkin that will last for years, the Fun-kin is a good idea. If, like me, you like to make different patterns every year, stick to real pumpkins.

To end this Craft Wednesday, here’s all the pumpkins I did this year. All the real pumpkins are on the top row, and the Fun-kins are on the bottom.

Top: Real Pumpkins. Bottom: Fun-kins.

Top: Real Pumpkins.
Bottom: Fun-kins.


I’ll be continuing Craft Wednesday through Christmas. Each week, I’ll be making a craft, focusing on ones that can double as Christmas gifts. I’m really looking forward to this series.

In personal news, NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month, is starting this Saturday. I am participating, so am going to be a busy bee through November. Wish me luck guys!

See you Friday!


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