Craft Wednesday – Puffy Paint Window Clings

Hello again!


For our first official Craft Wednesday, I made puffy paint window decorations. I found a tutorial on Club Chica Circle. Ornament and snowflake templates are provided on the site, and I used these templates for my project. I laid the template on a table, then taped a piece of wax paper over it, so I could trace them with the puffy paints.


This is a great craft for kids. I think they would have fun creating the designs. Removing the decorations from the wax paper, however, should definitely be left to adults. My decorations were still very delicate after an entire day of drying. I would recommend making sure the puffy paint is put down thickly, but I noticed that my blue snowflake was quite thick when I laid it out(as you can see below), and was still difficult to peel up when the time came. Also, when peeling, be sure to not let the decorations fold back on themselves, they will stick!


They do stick nicely to the glass. I had no trouble with that.


So, that’s it for this first Craft Wednesday. Next week, I’ll be doing something with Sharpies, and a bonus puffy paint project!


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