Craft Wednesday – Sharpie Mugs and Puffy Paint Fails

Hello again!


This week I made Sharpie Mugs! (And yes, this might not be the most exciting opening picture, but I didn’t want to spoil the surprise!)

Good and Messy gave me the idea of utilizing negative space to put letters and words on the mugs.

A few quick notes:

  • Use Oil-based Sharpies. They are made for ceramics.
  • Once you’ve completed your designs, put the mugs in a COLD oven, set to 350 degrees and, once it’s up to temp, bake for 30 minutes. Then turn the oven off, and let the mugs cool INSIDE the oven. This is to ensure your mugs don’t crack from temperature change.
  • If you use stickers, like I did, be careful when removing them before you cure the design. The Sharpie is still delicate, and can be scratched or pulled off. But it should be fairly easy to fix if that does happen.

So, on to the picture parade!! We’ll start with a picture from the beginning. On the left is my mug with just the stickers applied. The right is the mug I made for the hubs, with an initial pass of dots applied.


This was really such a fun craft to do. The dots are stupid simple to apply, it looks awesome no matter what you do, and if some of your dots streak a little(you can see some of mine did, from overly enthusiastic dotting), who cares? It still looks great.

Next, we have pictures of the mugs once I was finished dotting them and took the stickers off. I added a little silver dotting to mine for interest, and a bit of blue to his.


Then I stuck them in my cold oven. You can see now the backs of our mugs. I don’t drink coffee, just tea, so I put that on the back of my mug, and drew a little tea bag tag and string for fun (I think I saw that design element floating around the internet somewhere, but can’t remember where).


I was surprised after they had baked and cooled, that the color on mine had changed so much. Left is before baking, right is after.


I am still very happy with the mugs. I don’t mind the color change on mine. So now I’d like to show you all of the designing on the cups. First, up, my K-tea cup.


And the hubs initial cup. I put his middle initial on the side of the cup.


So, as promised last week when I made the puffy paint window decorations, I have another puffy paint project. It is more of a fail than a win, though. I really wanted to continue the theme of dotting, so I tried to make a mini dotted canvas. This was the result:

Mini  Dotted Canvas

Mini Dotted Canvas

The canvas was really too small for the puffy paints I had. The tips were just too big and I couldn’t get the nice small dots I wanted. It definitely disappointed me, since I like the idea, and liked the way I had put them down.

Then I decided maybe another quick canvas project could go better. I decided to use tape on a 4-inch canvas to make a chevron pattern, then overlay a design in puffy paint. I chose a cat outline.

Cat Chevron Canvas

Cat Chevron Canvas

I couldn’t, and still can’t, decide if I love this or hate it. It didn’t come out quite as I’d planned (I’m starting to think that’s a theme of mine). What do you guys think? I free-handed the cat outline, so the neck portion came in a lot closer than I had planned in my mind, and the body is a bit more curved, but somehow I think it still looks okay from a distance.

I hope you guys enjoyed this Craft Wednesday! Next Wednesday will bring an Alcohol Ink project. See you Friday!


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