Craft Wednesday – Key Fobs

Hello again!

We’ve got another quick and easy craft tutorial this week… Key Fobs!


These take only a few minutes to make, and are a great way to make a lot of personalized gifts quickly.

Here is our cast of characters:


  • cotton webbing (Mine is 1.25″)
  • ribbon (mine is 7/8″, just make sure it is smaller than the cotton webbing)
  • Heat n Bond (7/8″, or the same size as the ribbon)
  • Key Fob hardware sets (1.25″ like the cotton webbing)
  • Key Fob press (or vice grips, but you’ll have to put material between the grips and the key fob hardware and be careful or it will dent/scratch the hardware)
  • an iron

So, first you’ll trim your cotton webbing, ribbon, and Heat n Bond into strips of equal length (I choose 10″, but you can make them a bit smaller, or bigger if you want).

Then, you’ll peel one side of the Heat n Bond backing off, line the exposed strip along the backside of the ribbon, and iron into place according to the Heat n Bond directions.


Next, you’ll peel off the remaining backing from the Heat n Bond attached to the ribbon, and center it along your cotton webbing. Iron it on as the Heat n Bond directs.


Easy, right? We’re almost finished. Now, you’ll fold the decorated cotton webbing in half, design out, and set the hardware clip over the exposed ends.

In the picture below, I’ve clamped mine closed a little already (I couldn’t get a picture of it before, the hardware wouldn’t stay put), but you can see the idea.

You’ll use the key fob press or vice grip to clamp the hardware closed.


At this point, you will just need to add the jump ring, and then you’re all done!


I made this one in less than five minutes, and I love that you can use different webbing colors and ribbon designs to customize them for all of your friends and family.

That’s it for this Craft Wednesday! See you Friday.

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