Craft Wednesday – Metal Stamped Keychains

Hello again!

It’s another Craft Wednesday! This weeks craft has a bit of start-up costs, but none of the items will ever go bad so it can be worth it. So, what could it be with such an odd intro?


Metal stamped keychains! I plan to give them as gifts this year. They are another quick and fun gift to make.


First up, let’s look at our cast of characters:

  • metal washers (I bought mine from a craft site. The ones I got from the hardware store were too hard and wouldn’t stamp) For the two piece keychains I am making I got 1.25″ and 1″.
  • a hammer
  • a steel block
  • metal stamp sets
  • lanyard hooks (keychain part) and jump rings (not pictured)
  • Sharpies
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • q tips (or cotton balls, pads, or paper towels)

I found I had to label my stamps so that I wouldn’t have to test them before each strike. The style of my letters made it difficult to determine some by look alone.


The stamping is easy. Once I decided what I wanted on each washer, I guesstimated  the layout, and began to stamp. You lay the washer on the steel block, place the metal stamp against the washer, hold it carefully but firmly, and strike the top solidly, and more importantly flatly, with the hammer. This is a tag I was playing around with. The lettering is a tricky thing to position correctly, but I decided it didn’t matter much. It adds a homey charm, doesn’t it? Maybe?


The next step is to fill the stamped indent with whichever color sharpie you prefer. This will, unless you’re a good deal more meticulous than I am, be a bit messy looking. But that’s okay!


This is where the rubbing alcohol and q-tips come in! Lightly dampen the q-tip and wipe across the top of the washer. The unnecessary Sharpie should come right off, leaving the indents filled and more prominent.  It’ll leave it looking more like this!


This one is not perfect, sadly. Some of my strikes fell off the mark a bit, so I have to be very careful wiping the excess color off, or it pulls it out of the shallow parts of the indents.


I did mine with the recipient’s name on the smaller washer, and a phrase, or collection of family member names on the bottom. The lanyard hooks are great for holding the washers.

That’s it for this Craft Wednesday. Next week will be my last Craft Wednesday post for the year. I’m sad to see it go, but right now I can’t maintain them on a weekly basis. I’m hoping to have some next year, maybe monthly, and then during the holiday season it’ll be back regularly.

Anyway, next week I’ll have some easy Duct tape crafts and a small feature on my holiday gift baskets.

See you Friday!

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