Craft Wednesday – Duct Tape and Christmas Baskets

Hello again!

Duct Tape

Christmas is tomorrow! I am in a cookie baking frenzy today, but I’ve still got the duct tape crafts I promised.

The first one is so easy it should be illegal. Duct tape bookmarks! I found this craft idea on Sensibly Sara.


They are cute, functional, and quick to make.


Our cast for this craft is simple: duct tape, scissors, and card-stock or envelopes.

First, you’ll cut triangle sleeves out of the card-stock or envelopes. I did this by folding over the card-stock and cutting off the corner pieces. It gave me a triangle with one open side, but the duct tape fixes that. Now, lay a piece of duct tape that is large enough to cover the triangle, and lay it face down on the table.

Duct Tape Bookmark Process

Place the triangle over the duct tape and press it down to stick. Seal the top with another piece of duct tape, and then trim the excess off. I left a bit of extra duct tape along the sides so it would stay closed. My resident measurer, the hubs, says it’s about 1/16″, but I didn’t measure when I was doing it. You may have to trim onto the card-stock at the bottom so the bookmark will open up again, but that’s it! Done. These are crazy fast, and you can make a ton of them in no time.

Bookmark in book

The other duct tape craft I have for you is Duct Tape Lanyards!


Now, I had trouble with this craft. Like three garbage ones trouble, as you can see above. I could not for the life of me get the duct tape to stick in a straight and neat line.

Technically you should only need duct tape, something to measure it, and scissors for this. Perhaps you will be able to do it better than I did, but I had to take a cheat.

I’m also embarrassed to say I forgot to take pictures of most of the steps. I did find a great detailed tutorial for you at Crafty Soccer Mom.

To start, you cut a 3 foot piece of duct tape and lay it sticky side up on a table. Then, carefully and slowly fold one side over to the center, all the way down. Repeat with the opposite side, overlapping slightly. This is the step I took a cheat on. I laid a piece of sheer ribbon all the way down the center of the duct tape so I had something to use as a guide.


Then, to finish, you’ll loop the duct tape into its lanyard shape (I wrapped it around my neck), then take a key chain ring and slide it over the end pieces, with the folded sides facing you. Fold the ends up and over the ring, and use a small piece of duct tape to wrap them closed. Lastly, you’ll add a piece to the front side, wrapping slightly to the back, so it is sealed and looks finished.

That’s all the crafts I have for you today, but it you’re interested, here’s a sneak peek at my Christmas baskets.


I’ve got rice bag sets (one large, one skinny, and two handwarmer-sized), key fobs with metal key chains on the end, a candle I wrapped (this one like a snowman, sort of), homemade Chex Mix, Candy Cane Puppy Chow, and Peanut Butter Brownie Puppy Chow, some scrapbook glass magnets I made, and the tin has fudge in it. There will also be bags of cookies going in the baskets, but I haven’t finished though yet.

That’s it for this last Craft Wednesday of the year. I’ll see you Friday.


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