Food Friday – Desserts 1/2/2015

Hello again!

Finally I’m starting to feel better, and it’s time for another dessert post! I’ve got some really simple, quick, and tasty recipes for you this week.

First up, Puppy Chow. If you don’t know what puppy chow is, maybe you know of Chex Muddy Buddy? Puppy Chow is similar, but with way more flavor combinations.

I found this great post of 24 Puppy Chow Recipes from Your Cup of Cake. It had a ton of wonderful ideas for this quick, satisfying dessert, and had a hard time choosing between them. I finally decided to do two of them, Peanut Butter Brownie Puppy Chow and Peppermint Puppy Chow.

Peanut Butter Brownie Puppy Chow

Peanut Butter Brownie Puppy Chow

The Peanut Butter Brownie Puppy Chow was amazing! I would definitely say this is better than the traditional Muddy Buddy, because the brownie mix coating isn’t as cloyingly sweet as the traditional powdered sugar.

Peppermint Puppy Chow

Peppermint Puppy Chow

The Peppermint Puppy Chow has white chocolate and is covered in crushed candy canes. I was not as happy as I wanted to be with this batch. The candy cane coasting was more sugar than mint, and I just wanted a bigger punch of mint flavor. The candy canes I bought might have been the problem though.

I did also make a batch of Cake Batter Puppy Chow, pictured below, a “recipe” of my own design. I used white chocolate melts over the Rice Chex, and used yellow cake mix and sprinkles to seal the outside. I really loved this batch. Cake batter is one of my favorite ice cream flavors, and these delivered nicely.

Cake Batter Puppy Chow

Cake Batter Puppy Chow

Next up, Caramel Sauce from Completely Delicious. I love caramel, and especially caramel sauce, but I can never find a store-bought one that tastes like I want. They all seem to have a butterscotch flavor.

Caramel Sauce

Caramel Sauce

This sauce has a lovely caramel flavor, and only takes about a half and hour to make. I chose to add the vanilla extract to mine, but not the bourbon (maybe next time), and I think it helped the flavor pop. It is a slightly thinner caramel at room temp, perfect for drizzling over apple slices or ice cream.

Last up this week, Candy Bar Pretzel Bites from The Gunny Sack. These literally took me 15 minutes total active time. You lay a bunch of pretzel snaps on a sheet tray, put candy bars minis on them and soften them for a few minutes in the oven. Then press pretzels on the top, wait until cool, and dip in melting chocolate and shake sprinkles over the top.

Candy Bar Pretzel Bites

Candy Bar Pretzel Bites

These were fun and tasty, and look really impressive for how easy they are. We, as the recipe suggested, used Milky Way’s, Snickers, and Three Musketeers, and I personally found the Milky Ways tasted the best. The Three Musketeer ones were very soft inside, and the Snickers were a bit harder to press down because of the peanuts.

That’s it for this Food Friday! See you tomorrow for my make-up Novel Monday!

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