Craft Wednesday – Button Monogram

Hello again!

I’m back for another Craft Wednesday! I have missed this, have you?


This week I’ve got a button monogram project that I’ve seen all over the internet. Some I’ve seen are done on a canvas, some on cut out letters. I chose to do the latter. This is a quick and easy craft that looks really nice, I think, anywhere in the house. Mine is sitting on top of my bookcase right now.

One thing I didn’t do was take a lot of process pictures for this (sorry!). I just got rolling and didn’t think about it. But here’s what I have.

First, the cast of characters (I found all of these things in the craft section of Wal-Mart, no lie!):

  • Cut out letter of choice
  • white acrylic paint (or color of choice, it’s just a background to the buttons) and brush for applying
  • buttons of various sizes/colors of choice (I found a round container full of coordinating buttons for about $5)
  • E-6000 adhesive

That’s it! So, I started by painting the entire letter white. I used a to-go box from dinner to hold it up, because I’m that kind of professional. You can see most of my supplies in this picture.


Next up, and this is an extra step, so if you don’t want to, don’t bother. Just dive right into the button gluing. But I am a planner, so I covered the letter in buttons(no glue) to check how it would look. Then I carefully transferred them to the side, keeping some semblance of their pattern.


There, doesn’t that look unnecessary? Literally doubled my time on this project, but it also made me happy, so it’s okay.

Then, and this is where I REALLY forgot to take pictures, you start gluing the buttons on. I found the E-6000 to be a little hard to work with. It tends to keep pushing out glue when you aren’t squeezing the tube, so please be careful.

I put a thin layer of the glue onto small sections of the letter, and made a small puddle of glue on the inside of my button cup cap and dipped the buttons lightly in that before pressing them onto the letter. This is the last step. Once you’ve glued all the buttons down, layering them wherever you feel it would look nice, you just have to let it dry and you can display it!


You can see here I used that same to go container to hold it up while I glued on buttons. It made it easier for me, but do whatever works for you.


That’s it for this Craft Wednesday! I’ll see you in February for another, and Friday as normal for Food Friday!


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