Novel Monday – A Thin Dark Line by Tami Hoag

Hello again.

Sorry I’m so late this week. We had to let our dog Windy go yesterday, and I spent most of the day with her. I couldn’t deal with much else after that.

Last weeks book was A Thin Dark Line by Tami Hoag.

I’m still not sure about this book. I read the entire thing, and I liked the story, but it felt long. I kept thinking, is this almost done? No? I’ve still got 200 pages left? Darn. But I kept reading.

I liked the main plot of a supposed murderer that was set free on a technicality, a detective that won’t give up, and a headstrong female deputy that wants justice no matter the cost.

I actually enjoyed the plethora of red herrings in this novel. It was done well, and kept the novel interesting as it ran on. My favorite part of the suspense storyline was that it’s easy to get ahead in figuring out the killer at the end. It seemed a bit unrealistic, but was entertaining and well set-up once you figure it out.

The main female characters sexism storyline was slightly frustrating, in good part because the main male character continued to get treated like a king despite bad actions.

3 out of 5. It was good, but not particularly impactful, probably due to the slightly dated situations.

So, on to this week.

This weeks book will be…

Corsair: A Science Fiction Novel by James Cambias.

Another random pick from the library, I don’t know much more than it is a new science fiction novel. Fingers crossed!

That’s all for Novel Monday. See you Friday.

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