Novel Monday – Corsair by James Cambias

Hello again!

Last weeks novel was Corsair: A Science Fiction Novel by James Cambias

Helium from the moon, space pirates, grudges, and hacking. What an odd, crazy mix that makes up this entertaining novel.

Years past, David Schwartz and Elizabeth Santiago met in college(she attending, he pretending) and have a brief affair. Ten years later, he’s Captain Black the Space Pirate, and she is working for the good guys. A battle for a helium payload loses her her job, and ends them both in a world of trouble.

The characters, even the secondary ones, are likeable and well-rounded. The story is a fantastic ride, and the plot takes a few interesting turns. Crossovers abound as we switch from character to character, getting a great view of their thoughts and motivations.

I honestly loved this novel. It is funny, weird, by turns childish and technical, and so entertaining.

4.5 out of 5. Highly amusing and perfectly approachable.


So, on to this week!

This weeks novel is…

 Hello Mr. Bones & Goodbye Mr. Rat by Patrick McCabe.

Another random library find, this has two novellas in one volume. I hope it’s as good as my last library find.

That’s all for Novel Monday. See you Friday.

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