The Gilly Salt Sisters by Tiffany Baker

Hello again!

Last weeks novel was The Gilly Salt Sisters: A Novel by Tiffany Baker.

The Gilly Salt Sisters is a dark, moody novel full of betrayals, bitterness, trouble, and problems.  The Gilly Salt girls couldn’t be more different. Jo is tied to the salt, and Claire wants nothing more than to run away. Despite the local rumors that the Gilly’s are witches and the salt magical, the Turners, the towns richest family, won’t stop trying to get their hands on the farm. Whit even goes so far as to marry Claire, driving the sisters even further apart. Years later, they will be forced back together, and dark secrets will finally come to light than can alter the Gilly history forever.

I liked the character of Jo, left to tend the salt marsh alone. She had a stubbornness and tenacity that I appreciated. Her sister Claire, who abandoned the marsh for the riches of the rival Turners, was less likeable. Then there was Dee, a 17-year-old dragged to the town of Prospect by her father, both of them still reeling from her mother death. I couldn’t find anything redeeming in her.

The novel was well-written, but rolled along slowly, only gaining speed at the very end where it seemed to crash into craziness. There didn’t seem to be any actual magic to the salt, which was a let down for me, and there weren’t any moments of happiness to lighten the dreary load.

Spoiler below! (highlight to reveal)

I can not stand the ending! Why in the world does Claire get everything she ever wanted? In what way was she deserving?

It is not a traditional summer read. It is not light, or particularly heart-warming. But the summer warmth and light might help lighten the load of this depressing read.

3 out of 5.

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