Novel Monday – The Stranger by Harlan Coben

Hello again!

Last weeks novel was The Stranger by Harlan Coben.

What happens when a stranger shatters your whole world? Adam Price is living the dream – a beautiful wife, two fantastic sons, a good job, and a big house. Bit when the Stranger tells him a devastating secret about his wife, that perfect world threatens to crumble around him.

The story quickly becomes tangled, and the players multiply. There is more to this Stranger, and Adam’s wife, than he ever imagined. Though perhaps a bit convoluted, I enjoyed the way the characters paths crossed, and the ripples their actions caused.

I did find the character of Adam to be somewhat ridiculous. He’s a prestigious lawyer, but his actions seem amateurish at best. He makes reckless choices that just don’t make sense, and his efforts at investigating seen weak.

My biggest irritation was the ending. It was the definition of convenient and easy. Yes, it closed the book up nicely, but it wasn’t exactly satisfying.

3 out of 5. An entertaining read.

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