Novel Monday – Cage of Stars by Jacquelyn Mitchard

Hello again.

Last weeks novel was Cage of Stars by Jacquelyn Mitchard.

At only 12-years-old Veronica Swan’s life is torn apart when her two younger sisters are murdered. Her parents find it in their heart to forgive the mentally-ill killer Scott Early, but Veronica can’t. Years later, still shattered by the events of that day, she sets out on a campaign of vengeance that will change her and her family’s lives forever.

I felt for Veronica throughout the entire novel. Devastated by the death of her sisters, she can’t let go, and she can’t move on. Alienated from her parents first by their grief, and then by their forgiveness, she has to struggle with her feelings of anger and injustice alone.  Through the heaviness of this, there are moments of happiness that help round her character out and offer a brief reprieve from the sadness.

This is my first Jacquelyn Mitchard novel, and I don’t believe it will be my last. It was well-written, heart-wrenching and raw. There were some inaccuracies in her portrayal of Mormonism, but it doesn’t hurt the central storyline. The characters actions are believable if not always rational (though where does rationalism come in in a situation like this?). Veronica especially makes some strange decisions in her quest to re-claim her life, but she is a teenager, young and naive, so it’s understandable. The book is sad and while it builds slowly to the climax, it doesn’t drag, and it wraps up neatly if not perfectly.

4 out of 5. An emotional ride with a satisfying ending.


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