Little Pretty Things by Lori Rader-Day

Hello again!

Last weeks novel was Little Pretty Things By Lori Rader-Day.

Juliet Townsend has always come in second place. In high school, she lost every track meet to her best friend Madeleine Bell, and 10 years later she’s still running behind. Working a dead-end job in a motel that caters to the cheap or the desperate, she’s spinning her wheels in her home town. Then Madeleine breezes back into town, back into her life, reminding Juliet of everything she doesn’t have. But the next morning, she finds Madeleine dead, and Juliet becomes the main suspect. To save herself, she decides to investigate on her own. But what she uncovers might destroy everything she has.

Juliet is a flawed, bitter character that I couldn’t help but root for. She’s become complacent in her unhappy life, allowing her past to stunt her present, and can’t stop herself from taking “little pretty things” from the motel customers. She struggles with her relationships, with her uncertain future, and her embarrassing compulsions. She’s stronger and better than she knows, and it’s great to see her finally step forward.

This is a good mystery story, with plenty of suspects and intrigue, but it is also a story of self-discovery and the effect the past can have. There are flawed, fascinating, human characters throughout, and none of them fall flat.

This is Rader-Day’s second novel, and the first I’ve read. I’ll be picking up her first novel, The Black Hour, very soon.

4 out of 5. Good mystery, great characterization.

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