Food Friday Meal Prep Edition!

Hey guys!


Last week I mentioned I was going to tell you about how I save time in the kitchen. I’ve since been told this doesn’t save time necessarily, but headache for sure. For the cost of an hour or two Saturday or Sunday, I can get dinners out at least twice as fast during the week. And the absolute best part for me? No excuses at dinner time.

I don’t do full meal prep. If you use Pinterest you’ve probably seen those pictures of a weeks meals all laid out perfectly in Tupperware. The problem with that is I don’t want to eat the same thing for dinner for days on end. So I prep differently. I prep the vegetables, make salads, and any sauces that can be made ahead. This sets me up for success, and helps me eat healthier throughout the week.

I thought the easiest way to show you guys my version of meal prep, would be to show you so I’ve got four weeks of pictures to show you. I hope it gives you some ideas and makes your life a little easier.

Meal Prep Week 1

I started small my first week. I made turkey salad jars with a homemade dressing for lunches, prepped lettuce for side salads, and chopped all my vegetables. This meant I had almost no prep when it came to making dinners, I could just start cooking. And to make the prep even easier and faster, I used this Vidalia Chop Wizard to chop the vegetables. I absolutely recommend it. It has a chop and a dice blade disc so you can cut veggies to the size you like. If you use it, my best advice is wash it as soon as you’re done using it.

I’d also like to mention my great love for mason jars. They are prefect for meal planning, don’t stain, and don’t leak or absorb scents like plastic does.


Meal Prep Week 2

The next week I went all out. I prepped my vegetables, and made salad jars, pasta salad, vegetable Bolognese, sriracha noodle soup broth, and a jar of dressing for side salads. I also found and bought these Ball Storage Caps. They are plastic and come in regular and wide mouth sizes. Though not leak-proof, they are easier than the traditional two-piece band and lid set up.


Meal Prep Week 3

My third week was proof that meal prep is contingent on what you plan for the week. The recipes I’d planned didn’t have that much prep. I made enchilada sauce and BBQ sauce for BBQ Chicken Enchiladas (which will appear in next weeks Food Friday), and prepped some veggies (I also prepped lettuce for salad, but must have forgotten it come photo time).

This week is a great highlight for how meal prep makes my life easier. I frequently don’t eat breakfast. I should but I’m too lazy to cook in the morning, and I don’t like cereal (it doesn’t fill me up). But with meal prep, I have chopped peppers and zucchini which I can turn into a quick veggie egg scramble. Breakfast in only a few minutes, and it’s filling and delicious.


Meal Prep Week 4

This week I made buffalo chicken salad jars with homemade blue cheese dressing for the hubs lunches. The two round containers on the left have zucchini noodles, made with my SpiraLife Vegetable Spiralizer. I love this Spiralizer. It’s compact and effective. I also chopped veggies and roasted baby potatoes and sausage for breakfast scrambles, and sliced veggies for dinner dishes.

I hope this look into my meal prep inspires you if you’ve thought of doing meal prep but have been wary of jumping in, or has peaked your interest if you’ve never considered it.

That’s all for this Food Friday! I’ll be back next week with some amazing dinner dishes.

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