The Summer We Read Gatsby by Danielle Ganek

Hello again.

Last weeks novel was The Summer We Read Gatsby: A Novel by Danielle Ganek

After Cassie’s Aunt Lydia passes away, she has to move to her South Hampton home, and, with her half-sister Peckland, decide what to do with the house and contents.

Cassie is closed off and stiff. Jaded after her divorce and hiding behind sarcasm, just wants to sell the house and go back to Switzerland. Peckland – dramatic and social. Flighty and convinced the world revolves around her, wants to keep the house for its perfect location, and enjoy the summer.

It seemed like Cassie wasn’t complete. She and Peckland came off like perfect foils, and they lost a lot of dimension because of it. Most of the secondary characters seemed just that – characters. Entertaining, but in an overly comical way.
It’s well written enough. Breezy and uncomplicated, I consumed it in a few quick gulps. However, I did expect a bit more depth. The romantic sub-plot seemed rushed and underdeveloped, his affection for Cassie unfounded. The mystery seemed too convenient, and could have been solved in only a few pages.

2.5 out of 5. It’s a quick beach read, though there’s less meaningful Gatsby reference than I anticipated.

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