Season With Spice Giveaway WINNERS!

Hello again!

SWS Giveaway Winner FoodFriday

The Season With Spice Giveaway is officially OVER! Thank you all so much for entering and spreading the word about the giveaway. I wish I could give all of you prizes, but I had to pick just two lucky winners. More on that in a minute.

First, just to torture you, I’d like to do our regular Food Friday recipe round-up.

Roasted Butternut Squash and Bacon Soup from Damn Delicious.

Roasted Butternut Squash and Bacon Soup

Wow, this was amazing. Am I the only one who sometimes picks a recipe thinking maybe they won’t like it? No? Okay. Well, I chose this to try  something that is still very new to me (the butternut squash), and I could not be happier! This is packed with flavor! I wish I could pipe the smell of everything roasting through your computers, because it was drool-inducing. The bacon adds a wonderful smokey flavor, and the goat cheese adds a fantastic tang.

Chicken Ramen Noodle Pot Pie from Geoffrey Zakarian via Food Network.

Chicken Pot Pie

This a comfort food favorite, and this is by far the best chicken pot pie I’ve had. I love how simple but delicious it is, and it’s adaptable. The first time I made it, I followed the recipe exactly, and loved it. This time I used leftover turkey I had, and crescent roll dough for the top instead of pie dough. Still just as delicious. I also added a sprinkle of Everything Bagel Seasoning to the crust (so yummy!).

White Pizza Grilled Cheese from Thrifty Frugal Mom.

White Pizza Grilled Cheese

These were gooey, melty, cheesy goodness, and they taste just like a white pizza. A word of advice: the longer you let the cheese mixture sit before making these, the more garlicky they get. I mixed mine up and then didn’t make the sandwiches for two days, and there was a distinct garlic punch in every bite. I loved it, but if you don’t love garlic as much as I do, don’t let it sit that long.

Crockpot Pierogi Casserole with Kielbasa from Daily DIY Life.


I made my own pierogies for this (using this recipe from Innocent Delight), and I am never going back! They are a little time consuming, but they aren’t hard to make, and it was a fun project for the hubs and I. He rolled and cut the dough, and I filled and closed. I think once we got started, dinner was ready in an hour and it was worth it! Homemade pierogies are amazing, and this sauce is absolutely delicious. I didn’t end up making this in the crock pot though. I just make the sauce in a pan and poured it over the top of the cooked pierogies and kielbasa.


On to the giveaway winners!

Thanks again everyone who entered. The two lucky winner are:

Jill Rivera


Annamarie Voss


I’ll be e-mailing you both soon with your codes. Happy shopping!


That’s all for this Food Friday! Thanks again for entering and sharing the giveaway. I hope you’ll all send some business Season With Spice’s way. They’re a wonderful small business that puts out quality spices.

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