Blackened Chicken Caesar Salad Slices

Hello again!

A couple of weeks ago I posted a recipe for Buffalo Chicken Salad Slices a.k.a. my new favorite salad, and that recipe got me thinking about what other salads I could convert.

Since I’ve been grilling up a lot of Continue reading


Caesar Dressing

Hello again!

Caesar dressing is one of our absolute favorite dressings. The hubs likes to get Caesar salads when we go out, and I’m always stealing a bit out of his bowl.  Not to mention, our favorite Mexican restaurant (yes, Mexican) has a fantastic Caesar side salad. I order it every time (along with BBQ Chimichangas, which I’m addicted to).

Unfortunately, I don’t love the bottled dressing at the grocery store. Continue reading

Buffalo Seasoning

Hello again!

I am so happy to be back, and so happy the weather is warming up here. And warmer weather always mean grilling.

I’ll keep this post short and sweet, since it’s just the spice blend. I’ll be back Thursday for the first recipe I made with this.

I love using this spice blend on chicken, but it is also delicious sprinkled on fries or popcorn. I’ve been known to top my macaroni salad with this when I want a little extra oomph. It’s surprisingly versatile, and I imagine I’ll keep finding new ways to use it.

Buffalo Seasoning1

Buffalo Seasoning

2 tbsp garlic powder

1 ½ tbsp. cayenne pepper

1 tbsp paprika

2 tsp each salt and pepper

1 tsp cumin

Mix all spices together in a small bowl. Store in an airtight container (I like to reuse empty spice jars). Makes just over ¼ cup of seasoning.

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