Greek Vinaigrette

Hello again!

Pretty soon I won’t have to buy dressing at the store ever again, because I’m back with another salad dressing recipe I’m obsessed with!

My second favorite salad in the world is a Greek salad. I just love the Feta and olives, and the tart, tangy dressing. One restaurant we go to just dresses theirs with red wine vinegar, and it is my happy place. I may have a weird affection for vinegar…

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Peach and Raspberry No-Churn Ice Cream

Hello again!

It’s National Ice Cream Month! Not that I need an excuse to eat ice cream (the summer heat is excuse enough), but I’ll take it.

I have an ice cream maker attachment for my KitchenAide mixer somewhere. No idea where. I found it a few years ago, but it is a pain to use. I’m not great at remembering to put it in the freezer, so it’s basically useless.

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